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Dental Protection welcomes High Court pensions ruling

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  1. Hookah smoke may be associated with risk of blood clots

    Researchers found that tobacco smoke from a hookah caused blood to function abnormally and be more likely to clot and quickly form blood clots.

  2. Obesity crisis blamed for spike in fatty liver disease

    One in five young people have fatty liver disease (steatosis), with one in 40 having already developed liver scarring (fibrosis), research has found.

  3. Professor finds low-cost solution to save children’s teeth

    A study has identified a low-cost and low-intensity intervention technique that could prevent tooth decay for thousands of children across the UK.

  4. Survey shows half of UK dentists facing extreme burnout

    The dental community must act to prevent burnout amongst dentists so they stay in practice rather than quit the profession, says Dental Protection.




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