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Woman discovers she has mouth cancer after breaking tooth

18 March 2015

Woman discovers she has mouth cancer after breaking tooth

Lisa Epsom suffered a broken tooth when she decided to open her son’s Fruit Shoot bottle with her tooth. The Huffington Post reports that her subsequent trip to the dentist revealed something far worse: she had advanced mouth cancer. She credits this as saving her life as she was informed by doctors that if the cancer had gone untreated for even a few more weeks, it may have been fatal.

She has since undergone numerous surgeries to remove the tumour from inside her mouth, as well as radiotherapy. The surgeries may have left her facially disfigured but that is nothing compared to what she still has, according to Lisa. She said: “My confidence has gone but it's a small price to pay. I'm learning to live again and I'm alive, and that's more important than anything… I also know it's vital to visit the dentist regularly. Mine saved my life.”

Mouth cancer may be quite rare, accounting for approximately 1 in 50 of diagnosed cancers, but this case shows how worthwhile it can be to check for common signs before it is too late. Lisa can now look forward to enjoying life with her children, Sarah (14), Natasha (12), Maison (6) and Tiffany (2). Commenting on her appearance, she added: “I can't pretend it didn't bother me, but if I had to choose between my looks and watching my kids grow up, there really is no contest.”

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