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US health officials reject amalgam restrictions

23 July 2015

US health officials reject amalgam restrictions

Senior US health officials have rejected proposals from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that would have advised dentists not to use amalgam fillings in cases of pregnant women, nursing moms, children under 6 and people with mercury allergies, kidney diseases or neurological problems, according to the News & Observer.

The proposal was kept secretive for the past several years, according to the report, in the face of many lawsuits brought about by health problems alleged to have been due to the mercury fillings. The FDA has not publicly commented on the issue.

The EU recently declared amalgam safe for restorative treatment and, despite many claims concerning the potential risk of the mercury filings, the American Dental Association has advocated the continued use of amalgam for some time. ADA President Maxine Feinberg had previously stated “The FDA continues to leave the decision about dental treatment right where it needs to be – between the dentist and the patient… I am very pleased that dentists and patients will continue to have access to the full range of safe and effective dental restorative materials and treatment options.”

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