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Transforming Clinical Education

17 June 2016

Transforming Clinical Education

Healthcare Learning is excited to announce the next generation of dental webinars.

Learncasts have been made with your interests in mind; with a live 360° broadcast demonstration straight from the dental chair and innovative new ways to participate and interact with others while you learn.

Instead of using one fixed camera, we have developed a multi camera system to allow the full potential of the experience to befit the student.

By transforming clinical education we aim to give each student a hand on approach while still making time for their day to day life.

Each individual will have access to a live chatroom to ask any queries that arise throughout the demonstration, answered by a trained lecturer. This will also allow you to ask the demonstrator  to show different things or repeat a process you didn't quite understand.

A truly unique experience catered to your needs!

Bring live clinical teaching into your home with this exciting new way of learning – don't miss out, register here now to secure your seat for our big launch! 

*Full details will be confirmed via email

A step towards recovery

The Royal Society for Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health have asked for the possession and use of any illegal drug to be decriminalised in the UK.

The approach the government has towards illegal drugs has been a failing the people most affected by it, explains officials.

The report, called Taking A New Line On Drugs, said criminal charges were not enough to deter people from using illegal drugs and could act as a barrier for the addict to ask for help.

A “sea change in approach” was asked for and that the UK should look to the Portuguese government for their approach. If someone was caught with the drug, treatments and support would be offered instead of a jail sentence.

Royal Society for Public Health chief executive Shirley Cramer said: "For too long, UK and global drugs strategies have pursued reductions in drug use as an end in itself, failing to recognise that harsh criminal sanctions have pushed vulnerable people in need of treatment to the margins of society, driving up harm to health and wellbeing even as overall use falls.

Boosting memory with Exercise

Dutch researchers have shown that you are more likely to remember facts from the day if you exercise four hours after you learn something.

The study tested 72 volunteers on how they recall facts after certain factors were applied.

Exercise has been found to release proteins that can make the memory part of the brain retain information for longer periods but the timing is crucial for this to work.

After spending 40 minutes on a learning task, the 72 people were split into groups:

  • one exercised straight away
  • the second performed exercise four hours later
  • the third did not do any exercise
  • The activity consisted of 35 minutes' vigorous exercise on an exercise bike.

Guillen Fernandez, lead researcher, from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, in the Netherlands, said: "Our results suggest that appropriately timed physical exercise can improve long-term memory and highlight the potential of exercise as an intervention in education and clinical settings."

The research team will now study the timing of exercise and its influence on learning and memory further.

And finally… The risks of coffee will no longer give you a bad aftertaste!

The cancer risks of drinking a considerate amount of coffee has be reduced, as researchers conclude that there isn’t enough evidence behind cause of the disease.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer had classed coffee as "possibly" carcinogenic since 1991 because of a possible link to bladder cancer. But the group has now overruled this theory.

This doesn’t put coffee in the green just yet, experts are admitting that they can neither confirm nor deny the risks as they just don’t know yet.

National Coffee Association president Bill Murray said: "This finding is great news and highly significant for coffee drinkers and confirms evidence from an avalanche of studies by highly respected and independent scientists."

What do you think? Should we decriminalise drugs? Will you give this memory tactic a try? And are you relived that your daily dose of energy is out of the red?

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