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The lost decade of chaos

1 April 2016

The lost decade of chaos

The introduction to this week's newsletter...


This week we are sharing with you an exclusive round-up of one of the biggest challenges we face in modern healthcare: antimicrobial resistance. Are we really on the cusp of a post-antibiotic era? How did it get to this stage? What should dentists be doing to help? To find out, you can read our full review here.

And in the news this week…

Today (1st April) marks the first of the NHS dental treatment price hikes in England and inevitability, with it has come a host of concerns from the profession.

Primarily is the concern that the fees will discourage the patients most in need of care from visiting the dentist.

And that’s not the only legislation dentists feel are preventing the most vulnerable patients getting the care they need. The latest survey from the BDA, 10 years on from the introduction of the NHS general dental services contract, has revealed that a whopping 93% of dentists find that chasing government activity targets limits their ability to care for high-needs patients who require complex or repeat treatment.

While almost 70% said that the current contract prevents them from taking on new patients.

Predictable results? Maybe. But will the government take note of the latest evidence against their activity-driven targets?

The government are currently trialling two new approaches, but seem fixed on activity targets. Let’s hope we don’t face another “lost decade” in dentistry…

What do you think? Will the 5% dental price hikes deter patients? Will the government take on board the latest evidence against the current contract? Where should the new dentistry targets be directed?  

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