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Survey finds 2 in 5 have tried DIY dentistry

19 June 2015

Survey finds 2 in 5 have tried DIY dentistry

A survey commissioned by Oasis Dental Care has found that almost 2 in every 5 people (38%) have tried some form of DIY dentistry. Of those who had tried to carry out procedures on themselves, 26% did so because they did not feel they needed to visit the dentist, while a quarter (25%) said it was because it was cheaper than visiting the dentist.

22% of people opted for DIY dentistry out of fear of the dentist, while 19% said they did simply not have the time to visit the dentist.

Among other statistics from the survey, it was found that one in ten men had gone so far as to try and remove a tooth themselves while 5% of women had done the same. 7% of male respondents, meanwhile, hadn’t visited the dentist in 10 years compared to 4% of women.

Worryingly, 16% of all participants were not currently registered with a dentist with the 25-34 age group saying that they would only visit the dentist in an emergency.

Eddie Coyle, head of clinical operations and practising dentist at Oasis, said: “It’s always concerning to hear of patients performing their own dentistry whether it’s to take pain killers to control a toothache, re-attach crowns and perform at-home fillings, or remove a tooth altogether.

“With regards to removing teeth, this is a lot more complex than you may imagine and should be left to professional dentists, who can remove the tooth in a clean, clinical environment using appliances that are fit for purpose.

“What often happens when adults remove their own teeth is that they end up snapping off the visible tooth. They then still need to go to a dentist to remove the remaining two thirds of the tooth, which is more complicated to perform now that the visible part of the tooth has gone.”

To find out more about DIY Dentistry in the UK, you can read our recent in-depth analysis of it here

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