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Dentists express concern about SDR document errors

17 July 2019

Dentists express concern about SDR document errors

The Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee has expressed concern that the Department of Health has found over twenty errors in the 2018-19 Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR) published on 24 June.

These errors have now been corrected with full details of the changes listed in official Department of Health guidance. A copy of the corrected 18-19 SDR can be found on the BSO website.

BDA members can access an updated quick reference Health Service Fees Guide.

The Chair of the BDA Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee, Richard Graham, commented: "GDPs were already concerned about the 15-month delay in implementing 18-19 Statement of Dental Remuneration. The extent of the errors found in the original 18-19 SDR, even after this lengthy delay, raises significant question marks about the suitability and robustness of the Department's administrative processes.

"These changes, discovered very late in the day, will result in a significant additional administrative burden for GDPs – who already spend far too much time complying with unnecessarily burdensome administrative and regulatory requirements.

"We will continue to raise our concerns about this disappointing state of affairs directly with senior Department of Health officials in the coming weeks and months."


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