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Smiles all around last night

1 July 2016

Smiles all around last night

Our first ever Learncast last night was a great success.

We have been getting great feedback all day from viewers and those who called in to the fantastic live clinical examination of our co-worker.

Dr Zaki Kanaan showed us all how to efficiently examine a patient’s teeth to make sure they are suitable for teeth whitening, from gums to any possible outlier!

We had a short question time from tweets, comments and live webcam call ins from students and curious attendees that went down a treat.  

If you would like to see some photos of the event please click here.
If want to give some feedback feel free to phone at 020 7400 8989 or email us.

And in the news this week… Skin cancer rises in the over 55s

In Scotland skin cancer has risen from 25 per 100,000 people to 53 in 100,000 for those over the age of 55 in just 20 years.

For the first time, about 150 people aged 55 and over die from malignant melanoma each year in Scotland, based on the 2012/14 figures.

Cancer Research UK has named and blamed cheap package holidays that were popular from the 1960’s for this age groups skin troubles.

Linda Summerhayes, spokeswoman for the charity in Scotland, said: "Getting sunburnt doesn't mean that you'll definitely develop melanoma but it does increase your chances of developing the disease.

"It's worrying to see that malignant melanoma rates are continuing to rise and it's very important that people take care of their skin in strong sun, even if they've been sunburnt in the past”

Mother is granted the rights to use dead daughter’s eggs

A woman who promised her daughter, after her death, that she’d carry her babies has finally won her court battle.

The 60- year- old woman was trying to take her only child’s eggs to a clinic in the US but was barred by the UK’s regulator’s refusal.

She was subsequently granted permission to challenge the decision at the Court of Appeal in London, before a panel of three judges.

The HFEA said: "The law requires us to consider whether there is sufficient evidence of informed consent. After looking at the matter in great detail we decided that there wasn't, a decision which was supported by the High Court last September.”

Figures from 2014 suggests that almost one if four deaths in England and Wales were “avoidable”

This report, by the Office for National Statistics, suggests that out of the 116,000 avoidable deaths in total, nearly a third were caused by tumours.

The review looked at deaths that could have been prevented through good quality, timely healthcare or healthier lifestyle choices and public health interventions.

It suggests in 2014 there were 108,491 potentially avoidable deaths in England and 7,428 in Wales - 23% of all deaths that occurred that year.

And second to tumours, heart disease and strokes contributed to the most deaths.

The report found males had a higher proportion of avoidable deaths (29%) than females (18%).

England's Department of Health said: "We want to cut all avoidable deaths to help people live better and for longer.

"That's why we're investing up to £300m a year by 2020 to improve earlier cancer diagnosis, and an additional £150m for a dementia research institute to help fulfil our goal to find a cure.

"Through campaigns we are also encouraging people to lead healthier lifestyles."

What do you think? Is skin cancer something to worry about? Should the UK have let the woman give birth to her grandchildren? What deaths in the news this year do you think were avoidable?

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