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Scottish dentists urged to take part in expenses exercise

5 June 2019

Scottish dentists urged to take part in expenses exercise


The BDA is urging dentists in Scotland to participate in an exercise to gather expenses information to provide evidence to Scottish Government that will help to inform the latest pay award. 

The independent Doctors’ and Dentists’ Pay Review Body (DDRB) does not have enough information to inform the expenses element of future pay awards for general dental practitioners (GDPs) providing NHS General Dental Services. Therefore, in recent years the Scottish Government has commissioned a number of expenses exercises but none of these delivered sufficient information. 

Last year, the BDA’s Scottish Dental Practice Committee worked closely with the Scottish Government on an expenses' template which was considered to be quicker and easier to complete than previous versions. 

Scottish Government issued NHS: PCA(D)(2019)8 on 20 May which describes the 2019 expenses exercise for GDPs. Dentists have received a link from PSD to the expenses template – the same one used in 2018. The exercise closes on 18 June.

David McColl, Chair of SDPC, has encouraged dentists to complete the exercise: “This information will help us secure a fair deal from Scottish Government for our increased expenses, so it is vital that dentists take part to allow us to present robust evidence. Dentists have nothing to fear from this short survey as it only asks for information that they are already providing for other purposes.”



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