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Save traumatised teeth, says AAE

2 November 2013

Save traumatised teeth, says AAE

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) has released new guidelines to help dental professionals determine how to treat traumatic dental injuries.

The Recommended Guidelines of the AAE for the Treatment of Traumatic Dental Injuries features treatment protocols for a variety of traumatic dental injuries including fracture, luxation, subluxation, concussion and avulsion. The Guidelines include diagnosis, treatment, patient instruction and follow-up procedures.

“The revised AAE Guidelines provide important support for dental and medical professionals who encounter dental trauma,” said Dr Linda G. Levin, chair of the AAE special committee to revise the trauma guidelines. “They also provide a foundation for instructions for lay people who often provide ‘first encounter’ emergency care for the dental trauma patient.”

Notable changes in the revised Guidelines include recommendations for utilisation of 3D imaging for the detecting and monitoring of dental injuries; revised timelines for the treatment or monitoring of various injuries; and the utilisation of the latest materials for vital pulp therapy in the trauma patient.

The guidelines are available here

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