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Ricks of head and neck cancers reduced by good oral hygiene

9 June 2016

Ricks of head and neck cancers reduced by good oral hygiene

Researchers analysed data combined from 13 studies from nearly 9,000 mouth cancer patients and 12,000 patients with no signs of the disease across Americas, Europe and Japan.

In all of the patients a history of gum disease, bleeding, missing teeth and daily tooth brushing was taken into consideration. Those with less than five missing teeth, yearly visits to the dentist and daily tooth brushing had less of a chance in developing cancer,

Dr. W. Jarrard Goodwin, Chief Medical Officer of the University of Miami Health System said, “In my view, the findings are not new, but this does seem to be the largest and most comprehensive epidemiologic study to link poor oral hygiene to head and neck cancers,”

Dr. Dana Hashim of the department of preventive medicine at Icahn School of Medicine also said that, “A few smaller studies have shown a link between a few oral hygiene indicators and cancer in the past,

“I would argue that it is appropriate to say that this is a causal relationship because this study uses incident - that is, newly diagnosed cases of cancer, after oral hygiene indicator data was collected,” Hashim told Reuters Health by email.

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