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Benefits of becoming a reflective practitioner

19 June 2019

Benefits of becoming a reflective practitioner

the GDC, and eight other healthcare regulators, published a joint statement on the importance and benefits of being a reflective practitioner. You can find a copy of the statement here (pdf for download to the right). This work is part of a shared commitment to drive an open and honest culture, across healthcare, where professionals feel able to reflect on their experiences to support their own development and learning.

We have worked with other healthcare regulators to develop the joint statement, which sets our views and requirements (under the Enhanced CPD scheme) for reflection. It also offers advice for practitioners on how to approach refection effectively, both as individuals and as part of a dental team.

How can reflection help dental professionals?

As well as reinforcing how reflection can help you to gain insight into your whole practice, the statement highlights the direct impact it can have on improving services and patient care.

It endorses the value of dental teams reflecting as a group and in multi-professional settings, to help develop ideas that can bring about positive change in practice. As part of this, it makes it clear the employers should encourage their teams to make time for reflection as a way of aiding development, improving wellbeing and deepening professional commitment.

Reflection is now common practice among dental professionals and will help to foster improvements in your dental practice and services. It can demonstrate how patient feedback and complaints are listened to, and acted upon, in your dental practice, as well as assure patients that the dental team is continuously learning. Remember to reflect on things that go well, alongside things that don't go to plan.


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