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Patients treated by first ‘pay what you can’ dental service

17 December 2015

Patients treated by first ‘pay what you can’ dental service

Paul Burr (left) with Dewsbury Dental Centre nurse Katie Labourn and dentist Nick O'Donovan. Image credit: Dentaid

The Real Junk Tooth Project has started its three month pilot scheme to provide dental care to those who cannot afford, or cannot access NHS dental services.

The project was created in a collaboration between global charity The Real Junk Food Project and oral health charity Dentaid.

Claire Skipper, who could not afford dental treatment was left in “indescribable pain” after she broke her tooth when trying to remove it with pliers. Claire and five others needing tooth extractions have all benefited from treatment at The Real Junk Tooth Project.

 “Around 55 per cent of people who are looking for an NHS dentist can’t find one local to them and there is a problem in Dewsbury and Kirklees,” said Paul Burr, Founder of the Dewsbury Real Junk Food Project.

“One of the patients hadn’t been able to find a dentist since she moved to Dewsbury four years ago.

“This means that dentists can be inaccessible for patients, especially those who can’t afford to travel further afield.”

Dentists and nurses are volunteering their time every Thursday evening at Dewsbury Dental Centre to provide the service.

Nick O’Donovan, owner of Dewsbury Dental Centre and one of the volunteer dentists said: “I’d like to think all dentists joined the profession because they wanted to help people.

“This is one way we can give something back.

“Of course the best thing to do is have regular check-ups and good oral health but there are people who are falling through the net for all sorts of reasons.”

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