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Northern Irish dentist struck off for misconduct

10 June 2015

Northern Irish dentist struck off for misconduct

Donal Joseph McEnhill, a dentist based in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, has been struck off by the General Dental Council after a hearing with their Professional Conduct Committee.

He has the right to appeal this decision but, if not, he will be erased from the register in 28 days’ time.

Charges against Mr McEnhill included practising dentistry without appropriate indemnity cover at various times between 2006 and 2014 and providing dental care/treatment to a patient when he wasn’t registered with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority.

He was also accused of failing to keep adequate records in the case of 8 patients, failing to diagnose and perform adequate caries treatment in the case of 3 patients, and inappropriately prescribing antibiotics to 6 patients. As well as this, he was also alleged to have made inappropriate claims for payment.

In their determination, the GDC’s committee said: “Maintaining appropriate professional indemnity cover is a fundamental requirement of practice. Mr McEnhill’s failures to do so extended over a period of some eight years. He was aware that he did not have such cover and had therefore acted dishonestly by practising dentistry during his periods of un-indemnified practice.

“Mr McEnhill’s care and treatment of eight patients over a period of several years also fell below an acceptable standard in a number of respects. There were repeated failures in the taking and updating of medical histories, record keeping, basic periodontal examinations, radiography, endodontic care, diagnosis and treatment of caries and prescribing of antibiotics.”

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