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New regulations for private dentistry in Scotland

30 November 2017

New regulations for private dentistry in Scotland

We are reminding dentists who are undertaking solely private dentistry in Scotland, that they must be registered with Health Improvement Scotland (HIS). 

New regulations came into force on 1 April 2017, making it illegal to operate an 'unregistered independent clinic' – and this covers any dental practice that is offering 100 per cent private dental services. 
We are aware that a number of our dentists have registered, and some are still working through the application process, but HIS have contacted us to say they think some practices may still not have applied yet. 
HIS has sent out reminders to all services that they think should be complying and they have warned us that they will be taking enforcement action against any practices that are not complying with the new regulations. 
If you have not yet registered and you think you should have, HIS recommend you contact them immediately to rectify the situation and avoid penalties: 

Independent Healthcare Enquiry Line (0131) 623 4342 



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