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New extraction site optimises implant stability

11 September 2013

New extraction site optimises implant stability

A new method for bone and tissue regeneration that prevents infection has been introduced, as detailed in a study published in the Journal of Implantology.

The most commonly used treatment for post-extraction regeneration has been a combination of acellular dermis matrix (ADM), however there has been no data to prove that this is entirely effective.

In this study, a new ADM replacement material called decellularised dermis matrix (DDM) that, combined with mineralised bone grafts called mineralised cancellous bone allograft (MCAB), guides the regeneration of bone to allow for a more stable placement of the implant. The study author found that this method had a higher regeneration percentage and supports a more stable future implant site than previous therapies.

None of the molar extractions had developed infections after at least 12 weeks post-extraction, and a loss of bone volume was also prevented, allowing for optimal implant placement and stability.

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