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More unregistered dental surgeries raided in Melbourne

23 June 2015

More unregistered dental surgeries raided in Melbourne

News recently came to light concerning an unregistered dentist practising in the North Melbourne area, amid fears his unsafe practice may have caused harm to hundreds of patients over the last decade.

The practise of dentistry in this manner, however, seems not to have been confined to one practitioner as three more premises have been raided in the last two weeks related to illegal dental practices, according to

Chief Executive of the Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Martin Fletcher, said: “We are concerned there is a cluster and that is why today we’re asking for people to come forward.”

One such member of the public who has come forward visited one of these dentists on five occasions and now has serious dental issues. Dhamir Toma said: “My teeth are ruined. My gums bleed every day. It is very bad.”

Another former patient, Mukhlis Mikha, described how he was taken in by what looked like a normal dental surgery. He said: “He had a lot of stuff. He looked like a professional but I don’t know if he had a licence.”

While the original unregistered dentist who was arrested and charged was named as Muhammet Velipasaoglu, those arrested in the most recent raids have not yet been named by authorities.

They do ask, however, that anyone who may have had treatment at addresses in Bicentennial Crescent in Meadow Heights and Preston Avenue in Roxburgh Park, or indeed any other location in Victoria, to come forward amid health and contamination fears.

Victoria’s acting chief health officer Finn Romanes said that, already, disturbing cases have come to light confirming their fears that many were at risk of infection. He said: “What has been found in at least one case shows a concerning risk of transmission of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.” 

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