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Mayweather to wear $25,000 mouthguard for Pacquiao fight

8 April 2015

Mayweather to wear $25,000 mouthguard for Pacquiao fight

image credit: AFP

Taken out of context, it would be fair to say that a cost of $25,000 (around £17,000) for a mouthguard may be a bit excessive. When you factor in that Floyd Mayweather stands to make a reported £122m from his showdown with Manny Pacquiao on 2 May, it puts things in a little more perspective. In the past, he has worn similarly pricey mouthguards which were stuffed with $100 notes (because Hey! Where else would you keep your $100 notes?)

Floyd Mayweather, well known for his lavish spending, will have his gum shield for the fight custom-made by New York dentist, Dr Lee Gause. Gause has previously made mouth guards for the boxer for some of his 47 victorious fights.

Floyd Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquaio at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in one of the most eagerly anticipated bouts in boxing history. If Manny manages to knock one of his teeth out, Mayweather may well be entitled to a refund.

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