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Jamie Oliver's Knockout Blow

4 September 2015

Jamie Oliver's Knockout Blow

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Hello readers and welcome to this week’s newsletter! There’s only one topic to get into but, in light of last night’s programme, there’s no better time to remind you about Healthcare CPD. With over 400 hours of dental courses and webinars, including a timely one on prevention in practice (to tackle that great enemy, sugar, among others), Healthcare CPD has you covered for all your educational needs.

Speaking of that great enemy, Jamie Oliver tried his very best to deliver a knockout blow to the White Stuff last night and he did quite a job of it. Reiterating what the profession has been saying for quite some time, seeing a public figure propose such positive steps that could have such an impact on the nation’s oral health was certainly something to get behind.

Although hard to believe it’s been over a decade since he transformed school dinners, this pedigree in affecting real change lends an enormous weight to his efforts in Jamie’s Sugar Rush. Oliver is quoted as describing it as “If school dinners was Star Wars, this is The Empire Strikes Back.”

Transforming our attitudes to sugar would indeed be an achievement that may even surpass a masterpiece like The Empire Strikes Back and last night’s programme certainly points the way forward. Looking ahead there was one important message that every dental professional, doctor and public health professional needs to urgently get behind. And he certainly pulled no punches.

“We’re taking the piss out of it,” he says, referring to the NHS. “We need to help these guys do their job and focus on the things that really matter, not pulling out bloody teeth because there’s too much sugary shit in the environment. I definitely feel fired up, definitely up for a fight.”

The show opens in St George’s Hospital, in Tooting, South London, where six year old Mario has a rotten tooth pulled out, where the consultant dentist informs Oliver: “That happens routinely.” It happens all too frequently up and down the country. Urgent action has been called for by the dental profession for quite some time now, but finally something seems to be happening.

His online petition, directed straight at Parliament, to introduce a sugary drinks tax in the UK has (at the time of writing) 44,511 signatures. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament which, if action is then taken, is the greatly desired next step.

Oliver is certainly not alone as being a celebrity champion of public wellbeing. The difference with him is that, more often than not, he really does something about it. He talks and the public listens. In effect, dentistry has spoken and now the public are listening. They just needed a knockout blow from Jamie Oliver to set the ball rolling. Sugar is running scared after Oliver’s Knockout Blow, and it may be one it is unable to recover from.

What do you think? As always, comment below or send us your thoughts to Until next time… 

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