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Illegal dental treatment “running rampant” across the UK

26 February 2016

Illegal dental treatment “running rampant” across the UK

Did you catch the BBC’s Inside Out West this week? This episode delved into the world of illegal tooth whitening, with some very interesting undercover footage emerging as a result. Subject of the filming was repeat-offender Jason Edworthy who was caught performing illegal whitening from a beauty salon in Royal Wootton Bassett.

“No tooth whitening is dangerous” said the unqualified tooth whitener as he offered the undercover reporter chlorine dioxide whitening while touching his face with the gloves used to examine her mouth.

“We are [in the dental profession] because we do the cosmetic whitening,” he said as the reporter questioned his credentials, “But we can’t do dentistry because we’re not dentists.”

Edworthy was previously charged by the GDC for illegal tooth whitening in 2014.

The programme also revealed just how easy it is to set up your own tooth whitening business. With DIY kits bought online and ‘technical’ supported provided over the phone. Such useful over the phone advice included wear gloves “if you want” but these are not essential.

The BDA welcomed the investigation:

“The black market in teeth whitening is not confined to the West of England. Illegal whitening is now running rampant across the UK, and while authorities are doing what they can it’s vital that the public understand the risks,” said the BDA’s scientific advisor Professor Damien Walmsley.

“If you put yourself in the hands of unqualified individuals armed with unsafe chemicals then you are gambling with your health.”

You can read more about the illegal tooth whitening trend in our article ‘Whiter than white’ here.

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