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“How bad can the GDC get?” asks the BDA

29 June 2015

“How bad can the GDC get?” asks the BDA

The British Dental Association has sharply criticised the General Dental Council after the publication of a Profesional Standards Authority report which seen it come bottom of the league table of the nine healthcare regulators in the UK.

Despite the GDC claiming that the report showed that it made “real improvements”, the PSA report nevertheless shows that the GDC failed to meet 7 of its standards of good regulation. In FtP terms, the GDC performed particularly poorly, only fully meeting 1 of the 10 standards

In light of the recent “inept” fitness to practice hearing, which the GDC’s own Professional Conduct Committee said left its “sense of justice and propriety offended”, this latest report has been seen as a further damning indictment into the conduct of the troubled regulator.

BDA Chair Mick Armstrong commented: “Sadly this report makes familiar reading. Yet again GDC registrants must acknowledge that they are being regulated by the worst health regulator in the UK. What is worse is that, as far as dentists are concerned, it is now also the most expensive by a country mile.

“The findings in relation to fitness to practice come as little surprise as stories of waste, mismanagement and unreasonable practices abound.

“It is difficult to understand how badly the GDC has to perform before someone actually intervenes.”

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