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GDC takes Surrey dentist off register for fake certificate

14 June 2016

GDC takes Surrey dentist off register for fake certificate

A Surrey based dentist has been removed from the General Dental Council’s list of resistered qualified dental professionals as he did not posses appropriate indemnity cover.

The allegations against Mr Holt were as following,

  • Not having adequate indemnity cover
  • Forging an idemnity certificate
  • Providing The White House Dental Practice with the forged certificate

The GDC took Mr. Holt’s experience into consideration before making the decision as his long involement in the industry would have meant the regulation standards wouldve been known to him. By not ensuring he was adiquitely covered there were not arrangements in place for patients who could have been harmed during a treatment.

While there was no harm to any of Mr.Holt’s patients as a result there was still a constant risk during these five years of practice without indemnity.

Mr.Holt can appeal within 28 days to ensure his name will be kept on the register and able to practice within the UK.

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