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GDC removes dentist from register for 12 years of failings

28 July 2017

GDC removes dentist from register for 12 years of failings

A dentist has been removed from the General Dental Council’s (GDC) register of dental professionals after a series of failings which span 12 years.


Alan William Henry faced 21 charges at a Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) hearing relating to the treatment of two patients – and all of them were found to be proven.


It was found that between 2006 and 2014, Mr Henry failed to adequately assess, treat and refer Patient A for her periodontal condition; did not take suitable radiographs from patient A; failed to obtain Patient A’s consent; both patients’ records were not kept up to date; Mr Henry prescribed antibiotics without justification on numerous occasions, he didn’t prepare adequate treatment plans; and used Periochips rather than other suitable treatments.


A spokesperson from the PCC said: “The Committee received expert evidence that Mr Henry’s failures resulted in poor outcomes for patients A and B. In the case of Patient A, there was poor prognosis for her entire dentition and in the case of Patient B, the loss of six teeth over a relatively short period of time.


“Both patients suffered harm as a result of Mr Henry’s acts and omissions.”


In June 2016, a PCC found that Mr Henry’s fitness to practise was impaired due to the treatment and record keeping involving three other patients. Conditions were placed on his registration, however a review found that he had not engaged with the GDC, nor had he shown any insight or remediation. He was then suspended in December 2016 by the PCC for a period of 12 months.


A spokesperson from the PCC said: “He has chosen not to engage with the GDC on these proceedings or indeed at his previous hearings before the PCC. He was given an opportunity to demonstrate that he had remediated the shortcomings identified in 2016 but he did not do so.”


Jonathan Green, Executive Director, Fitness to Practise, said: “The findings by the PCC in Mr Henry’s case, outlined that he failed to provide an adequate level of care spanning more than a decade and caused two patients harm. The Practice Committee found that the care shown amounted to a substantial deviation from the standards expected from dental health professionals and as such Mr Henry’s conduct was incompatible with him continuing to remain on the register of dental professionals.”


The PCC therefore decided to remove Mr Henry from the GDC’s register of dental professionals. Mr Henry – who has been immediately suspended - has 28 days to appeal the decision. If he does not appeal, he will be removed from the register of dental professionals after this time which means he will not be able to practise as a dentist in the UK.




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