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GDC claim “real improvements” amid PSA criticisms

26 June 2015

GDC claim “real improvements” amid PSA criticisms

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has issued its annual review and, although it highlights many good improvements by the GDC in recent times, it found that the regulatory body still fully met only one of the 10 standards of good regulation for fitness to practice.

The PSA report highlights that the GDC hold the view that many misrepresent their FtP process. The report states: “The view expressed to us by the GDC was that there is a profound misunderstanding by some parts of the profession regarding its approach to fitness to practise. We encourage it to work to address this misunderstanding.”

The report highlights that the GDC’s performance on FtP has been found to not be up to standards, that they “consider that the GDC and its council need to ensure that it has continued strategic oversight of the delivery of these improvements.”

The GDC failed FtP standards in relation to its sharing on information on the process, prioritisation of cases, time taken for the process, ensuring that all parties are kept up to date, that all decisions are “well reasoned, consistent, protect the public, and maintain confidence in the profession and data protection,

At the GDC’s request, the PSA issued a supplementary document highlighting areas in which they had performed well, such as guidance and standards, education and training.

Responding to the report, Chief Executive of the GDC, Evlynne Gilvarry said: “The GDC has set out a clear vision that puts the patient at the heart of its work. The  PSA report recognises much of the excellent work being done by the GDC on a daily  basis. We are not complacent however, and are fully focussed on the need to see  through our current reforms and deliver improvements in the area of Fitness to  Practise.

“Whilst some of this can be delivered through the measures we have put in place, we  still need the government to bring about a wholesale redesign of the blueprint under  which we operate. We are committed to fulfilling our mandate to protect  patients  and are keen to use the additional time before the 2016/17 Parliamentary session to work with the Department of Health, other regulators, commissioners and  patient  groups to develop fresh legislation.”

To read the full PSA report, please click here. To read the supplementary GDC statement, please click here.

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