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FDI calls for a tobacco-free New Year

22 December 2014

FDI calls for a tobacco-free New Year

As World Oral Health Day 2015 approaches, FDI World Dental Federation is asking people to make a healthy New Year’s resolution and reduce their use of tobacco – or give it up completely – as part of the 2015 ‘Smile for life’ campaign.

Or cancer is amongst the most prevalent cancers worldwide. The use of tobacco, including smokeless tobacco and excessive consumption of alcohol, are the key risk factors in oral cancer and together are estimated to account for 90 per cent of oral cancers worldwide.

The FDI would also like to encourage health professionals to participate in tobacco prevention activities. Dentists and their teams can help communicate important messages to patients about the threats posed by tobacco use and help them to identify the key risk factors and early signs of oral cancer.

Dr Tin Chun Wong, FDI President, said: “Prevention is key and most common oral diseases, including those linked to tobacco use, are largely preventable. Alongside personal effort, oral healthcare providers can play a role in promoting healthy lifestyles by incorporating tobacco cessation programmes into their practices. This January, it’s time to give up smoking and have something new to smile about.” 

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