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​Energy drinks fuelling decay crisis

9 May 2018

​Energy drinks fuelling decay crisis

The BDA is lending its support to a campaign to ban the sale of energy drinks to under-16s. The Association has joined the Daily Mirror, MPs, teachers and celebrity campaigners including Jamie Oliver in pressing the Government to take action, urging it to 'make sugar the new tobacco'.

Highlighting the impact of energy drinks on children's teeth BDA chairman Mick Armstrong said:

"They are habit forming, highly acidic and can come laced with 20 teaspoons of sugar – far more than a can of coke.

"Tooth decay remains the number one reason for hospital admissions among children and young people. Ministers like to talk about prevention. They can prove it by calling time on the sale of energy drinks to kids."

The Mirror's campaign focuses on the damaging effects of the drinks on oral health, weight and concentration and behaviour in schools. Many big retailers have begun a voluntary ID scheme but under-16s can still buy drinks at smaller convenience stores.

The BDA continues to pressure Ministers to devote more energy to reducing oral health inequalities, focussing on prevention and a joined-up oral health strategy. In 2016-17 42,911 hospital procedures to remove multiple teeth from patients aged 18 and under took place in England at a cost of more than £36 million.

Sugar and children's oral health

Find out more about our campaigning work on sugar and children's oral health and check out our top tips for your patients.


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