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D'Mello - the fiscal fallout

13 February 2015

D'Mello - the fiscal fallout

First up – Happy Friday 13th to all you paraskevidekatriaphiles out there! Same time next month yeah?

I have some good news to those who like to grab a bargain – I have through my not-inconsiderable charm (ok I dangled the event manager out of the window until I got what I wanted) managed to secure a limited number of places at this year’s Clinical Innovations Conference, to be held 12-13th June at King’s Place in London FREE for Smile-on News readers!

This year’s line-up is shaping to be a good one with thought-provoking speakers such as Bob McLelland and survival guru Chris Barrow. In addition we have hands-on workshops, a fantastic party and more CPD than you could shake a stick at!

These are limited (this is my budget people!) so if you’d like to come and listen to some cutting edge speakers and hobnob with like-minded professionals, then email and bag your place. 

There has been a lot going on in the news this week. We have had more illegal whiteners prosecuted, all pointing fingers at a certain ‘provider of whitening training’; Sir Robert Francis’ report on whistleblowing has been published and broadly welcomed by our delightful regulator; and even heartwarming tales of hero dentists saving lives of desperate gym-goers!

But the news that caught my eye most was about our dear friend Desmond D’Mello and the continuing saga of 22,000 patients put under undue stress and anxiety. Admittedly not actually by D’Mello but by the concerned and potentially over-enthusiastic team at NHS Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and it’s OTT recall policy of every patient who might have even walked past the practice where D’Mello worked and established his very time-efficient practice of not washing his hands or sterilising equipment between patients.

According to the report on BBC News, it now transpires that any patient who now wishes to claim compensation for any nasty disease contracted (which is fair enough) or stress arising from the possibility of having contracted a nasty disease thanks to such a large recall policy (hmmm) may be left empty handed as D’Mello’s indemnifier has pulled the plug on any claims.

According to one law firm who is representing more than 200 former patients, each patient who claims could be entitled to £2,000-5,000. So, a minimum of 200 patients. At least two grand each, straight out of your pocket. Plus court costs. Minus livelihood. Equals not good for anyone; patients, lawyers or D’Mello and his family.

What’s your take on this? Please leave your comments at the bottom of this article.

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