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Dentures fitted in minutes with 3D digital scanning

23 July 2015

Dentures fitted in minutes with 3D digital scanning

Image credit: Biodesign Program at Hebrew University / Hadassah Medical Center

Researchers as part of a joint programme from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Hadassah Medical Centre have developed a new technology that will see the often painful process of fitting dentures be cut from taking several days, to be done within minutes.

Dr Anat Sharon, Director of the Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic at the Hadassah Medical Centre, said: “The process of fitting dentures hasn’t significantly changed in the last 100 years. It is such a long process that most dental clinics simply refuse to carry out the procedure.”

The BioDesign: Medical Innovation programme has thus developed HoloDent, 3D digital scanning that can quickly and effectively fit new dentures.

Amit Zilberstein, a BioDesign fellow and CEO of the HoloDent company, said: “HoloDent is the first holography scanning device for intraoral 3D modelling, reducing the time it takes to get dentures from 30 days to 30 minutes, while making the treatment far more comfortable and precise for all patients.”

Prof Yaakov Nahmias, director of the BioDesign programme, added: “HoloDent is a testament to the immense creativity and drive of our students. The experience and maturity of our fellows are predicates to successful spin-offs such as HoloDent.”

It is believed this technology will greatly improve the accessibility of dentures to older sections of the population, in a market worth $500 million in the US, alone. The work from this multidisciplinary team has seen HoloDent win a recent award at the Startup Open Israel competition and as well as participate at the prestigious MassChallenge acceleration programme in Boston, Massachusetts earlier this year.

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