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Dentists at risk of missing CPD deadline

21 August 2018

Dentists at risk of missing CPD deadline

On 31 July 2018 almost 36,000 dental care professionals (DCPs) reached the end of their five-year CPD cycle, and each of them need to have submitted their CPD statement to the General Dental Council (GDC) no later than 28 August 2018. With just one week to go, the GDC has revealed there are still 2,187 DCPs yet to make their submission. The regulator is keen to highlight that this could lead to them being at risk of falling off the register and no longer able to practise.

If the initial submission deadline is missed, registrants then have a short window in which to provide the regulator with evidence of the full 150 hours of CPD undertaken over their five-year cycle and, should that not be forthcoming, non-compliant registrants will face removal.

GDC Executive Director, Registration and Corporate Resources, Gurvinder Soomal, said: "With just one week to go to the deadline, and with such a large number of DCPs still to submit their CPD statement, the risk for them is now very real. It takes just a few minutes to complete the statement via the online portal at and I'd suggest that anyone who employs DCPs as part of their dental team might want to check that everyone's made their submission."

In addition, from 1 August 2018 all DCPs moved onto the new system of Enhanced CPD from which, amongst other things, sees changes to the way CPD should be planned and recorded over the cycle, as well as to the amount of CPD to be undertaken. 


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