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Dental practitioner taken into custody for fraud

2 June 2016

Dental practitioner taken into custody for fraud

The GDC, together with Humberside Police, have detained a man who has been charged with fraud and eight counts of bodily harm.

After being extradited from Sweden Mr Ronnie Barogiannis appeared in court last month, pleading guilty to fraud, but not to the counts of actual bodily harm (ABH)

Mr Barogiannis took up a false identity over 2013 and 2014, appearing as another dentist, a past employer, while treating patents. Over this time Mr Barogiannis was paid £48, 844.39 for the illegal dental work he performed.
Eight patients left Mr Barogiannis practice with permanent and painful damages to their teeth.

Francesca Keen, Head of Illegal Practice at the GDC, said: “This is a case that demonstrates just how severe the consequences of illegal dental practice can be for the victim.

“It is a stark reminder for patients to ensure they check our register of dental professionals before agreeing to treatment from any member of the dental team and for employers to be vigilant in relation to checking their employee’s entitlement to practise. 

“This hearing will hopefully reassure the public that the GDC is protecting the public by helping Humberside Police to tackle fraud. It is illegal for any individual to carry out dental treatment without being on one of our registers for dentists or dental professionals as they lack both the skill and knowledge to practise safely. The case highlights the limits that people will go to, to commit fraud.   We urge anyone who suspects there is illegal activity happening to contact us so we can investigate.”

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