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​Dave Cottam elected new Chair of GDPC

19 June 2019

​Dave Cottam elected new Chair of GDPC

Birmingham's Dave Cottam has been elected Chair of the General Dental Practice Committee, following a special meeting held in Wimpole Street.

He will lead negotiations with government over rollout of a reformed GDS contract.

Dave is a specialist in oral surgery, and previously served as Vice Chair of the GDPC. He has also served as chair of Birmingham LDC and President of Central Counties Branch. Currently an associate, he has four decades of experience treating both NHS and private patients.

Shawn Charlwood was joined as Vice Chair by former LDC Conference Chair Vijay Sudra. Shiv Pabary and Leah Farrell, with Nick Stolls and Nilesh Patel remain as member of the Exec.

Dave Cottam said: "It is a privilege to serve as chair of the GDPC, and to give a voice to over 30,000 colleagues in high street practice.

"We need a paradigm shift in the way NHS dentistry is delivered across the country. I have already stressed the urgency on contracts directly to the new team at the Department of Health and Social Care. We cannot allow the pedestrian pace of reform in both England and Wales to continuing failing our patients.

"But colleagues across the UK - in NHS, mixed and private practice - are all under pressure. We cannot simply wait and react to the latest blow. Our duty is to make change happen for GDPs."

General Dental Practice Committee

The General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) represents all general dental practitioners in the UK and aims to reflect the mixed economy of dental practice.

The GDPC is the official representative body for GDPs - it negotiates with government and other stakeholders on behalf of dentists working in general practice across the UK and is recognised by Government, as the official representative body in negotiations and consultations.



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