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Dangerous Scarborough dentist removed from register

15 July 2016

Dangerous Scarborough dentist removed from register

The GDC has removed a local Scarborough dentist from their register after multiple charges of misconduct.  The decision was made by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) on 28 June 2016. 

These chargers, from two separate patients, involved;

• Inadequate charting and diagnosis

• Failure to advise of risks, benefits and alternative treatment options

• Failure to obtain informed consent

• Poor provision of care

• Poor infection control

• Inadequate record keeping

• Poor radiographic practice

• Lack of co-operation with the GDC in its investigation

As a result of the evidence behind these charges, Mr. Jakobsen’s ability to practice dentistry was impaired. However, the central issue was Mr. Jakobsen’s patient’s welfare after the inadequate treatment they received.

The decision to remove Mr Jakobsen from the register was made following the Committee’s assessment that, while the fundamental shortcomings in Mr Jakobsen’s clinical practice are remediable, he had taken no steps to remedy these deficiencies.

The Committee said that “Mr Jakobsen’s failure to undertake appropriate assessments and make adequate diagnoses, his failure to obtain informed consent, his failure to provide an adequate standard of treatment, his failure to make adequate patient records and his failure to adhere to cross-infection protocols placed the patients in question at considerable risk of harm.”

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