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Common-sense solution for Hep B vaccinations - dental nurses

20 December 2017

Common-sense solution for Hep B vaccinations - dental nurses

The BDA is pleased to see a common-sense solution to the issue of dental nurses and chairside working, in the face of the shortage of Hep B vaccinations. This follows calls from the BDA and others, for a more practical solution, to ensure dental staff are able to work safely.

We amended our advice on Hep B at the end of August 2017, when we took advice from the defence organisations whose view was that nurses – who had not completed the course of the vaccination – should not work chairside.

This would have affected most practices who employed trainee nurses, as these were the most likely to have not completed the vaccination's full course.

However, following our calls for a more practical way to overcome this issue to ensure employees could continue to work safely, Public Health England have new issued new advice to say that dentists and nurses should come to an agreement for the nurse to work chairside, subject to a number of safeguards being put in place.

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