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Cigna UK raises hundreds for mouth cancer

22 May 2014

Cigna UK raises hundreds for mouth cancer

Cigna UK, one of the UK’s providers of employee benefits, has raised £744.50 for Mouth Cancer Action through their recent dental member satisfaction survey.

The British Dental Health Foundation, who is behind the Mouth Cancer Action campaign, estimates that more than 6,500 people will be diagnosed with mouth cancer this year in the UK. It claims more lives than testicular and cervical cancer combined, yet awareness of the disease’s existence remains critically low.

Kirsty Jagielko, Head of Product Management at Cigna UK HealthCare Benefits, said: “Cigna UK HealthCare Benefits is proud to support the British Dental Health Foundation. They deliver exceptional education and support services to improve oral health in the UK and around the world. As a provider of employer arranged dental plans, we know that good oral health encourages a healthy workforce. And we commend the British Dental Health Foundation’s achievements to date.”

Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, OBE, said: “On behalf of the British Dental Health Foundation, I would like to thank Cigna UK for their extremely generous donation.

“Our aim is to educate the general public about the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer as well as the risk factors associated with the disease. Tobacco use, drinking alcohol to excess, poor diet and the human papillomavirus (HPV), often transmitted via oral sex, increase your risk significantly.

“With the help of Cigna UK’s donation, we will be able to continue our work and raise awareness of mouth cancer, particularly the signs and symptoms. If the disease is caught early, patients often have a 90 per cent chance of survival. Without early detection, this figure plummets to as low as 50 per cent.” 

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