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CGP under pressure

3 June 2016

CGP under pressure

Can you help the CGP?

The CGP sparked a debate after deciding to publish the full details of all working within the dentistry industry. 
The numerous mixed, and passionate, views that collectively responded to this decision the CGP are asking for your help to come to a decision.

The original debate was; whether to publish the name and registration number of the dental professional or to publish the name, registration number and town of where the dental professional is registered. Such a change in the industry decided without asking those actually in said industry wasn't met with praise.

Ian Brack, Chief Executive of the General Dental Council, said: “It was a significant decision by Council to move away from publishing dental professionals’ full address details to the two options we are progressing."

You can help by responding to the survey which runs until 30 June.

Teeth falling out aren't a nightmare for Corsodyl!

The mouthwash brand Corsodyl had created an unnerving ad campaign to drive home the fear of gum disease. From the televised advert to the posters seen on public transport, the company is determined to not let this issue slide.

The advert starts with a women waking up from a nightmare where all of her teeth fall out into her hands and then wakes up, showing a large gap where a tooth should be. The company hopes to promotes their mouthwash "containing chlorhexidine digluconate for the treatment of early signs of gum disease" through this grizzly campaign.

This advert has not been popular with everyone. Multiple negative social media posts have appeared explaining that the imagery gave them nightmares and panic attacks because of their own fears. Although, it makes them remember the dangers of poor oral hygiene no matter how uncomfortable the truths behind it are!

And finally… Demon dentist extradited from Sweden

Mr Ronnie Barogiannis appeared in court last month, pleading guilty, after pretending to be his ex-employer while practicing medicine and permanently damaging eight patients’ teeth.

While under a different name, Mr Barogiannis collected a grand total of £48,844.39, money earned from the trust of the practices patients.

He did not plead guilty to the actual bodily harm, despite the evidence of the ex-patients mangled mouths.

Francesca Keen, Head of Illegal Practice at the GDC, said: “This is a case that demonstrates just how severe the consequences of illegal dental practice can be for the victim.

“It is a stark reminder for patients to ensure they check our register of dental professionals before agreeing to treatment from any member of the dental team and for employers to be vigilant in relation to checking their employee’s entitlement to practise”

What do you think? Will you participate in the CGP's decision? Are you swayed by nightmarish adverts for oral care? And what are your thoughts and opinions on negligent dentists?

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