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Brexit to threaten NHS

15 June 2016

Brexit to threaten NHS

George Osborne fears a £30billion “black hole” after subsequently reducing public spending and increasing taxes from a possible exit from the EU.

This could consist of raising income and inheritance taxes while cutting the NHS budget.

However, 57 Tory MPs have said that Mr. Osborne’s position would be “untenable” if the NHS, police and school spending were cut.

A vote to leave would destabilise the NHS’s budget, says Former health secretary Stephen Dorrell.

Mr Osborne’s Labour predecessor, Lord Darling, said that a vote to leave would put the NHS at a lower priority to fund compared to other sectors that would consequently weaken.

Conservative MP and Vote Leave campaigner Steve Baker said: "I am shocked that the chancellor is threatening to break so many key manifesto pledges on which all Conservative MPs were elected.

"I could not support these plans to cut the NHS and increase taxes on hardworking families."

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