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BDA fights for student lifelines

27 May 2016

BDA fights for student lifelines

BDA unite outside Westminster

The BDA left the confines of Wimpole Street this week and set off on a quest to support the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Midwives in protesting bursary cuts.

NHS bursaries for student midwives and nurses were scrapped last year in November's Comprehensive Spending Review and dental professionals now fear this will extend to future dental students and destroy a "potential lifeline".

"The government seems intent on raising the drawbridge to the health professions. Ditching the bursary will yield minimal savings for the treasury, but have a massive impact the next generation of health professionals," said Paul Blaylock, Chair of the BDA's Student Committee.

Four sugars, please!

Instant noodles: a staple food lurking in the cupboards of University campuses everywhere. Quick, flavourful, requiring absolutely no preparation and an easy fix for those midnight cravings. Instant noodles may seem like a good choice for the stressed-out, essay-writing student, but scientists have discovered they are bursting with sugar.

The latest findings from the Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) revealed well-known food brands such as Sharwood's Noodle Bowl Sweet Chilli Sauce contain a staggering 17.4g of sugar per serving, which is 58% of the daily recommended intake for free sugars.

35% of instant noodles tested contained more than two teaspoons of sugar per serving. Kabuto Noodles Prawn Tom Yum and Kabuto noodles Chilli Chicken Ramen both had an estimated 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

“This is a perfect example of the scandal of parts of the food industry of added large and unnecessary amounts of salt and sugar to a simple product. It is clear that voluntary targets are not working in the UK," says Professor Graham Macgregor, Chairman of CASH.

Happy, healthy smiles all around in Milton Keynes

Children in Milton Keynes have yet another reason to smile this week as experts have seen a decline in tooth decay.

The MK Oral Health Improvement team has helped families with young children learn how to look after milk teeth as their child grows up. Consequently, less than 21.5% of 5 year olds are affected by decay this year, compared to 25% in 2012.

Oral Health Improvement Manager, Lucie Daleki, said:

 "It's true what people say about eating an apple a day keeping the dentist away! We've seen families drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, providing ‘me sized' food portions and making healthier lunch boxes, while children are learning to love their teeth".


And finally...To Vape or not to Vape

They are the must-have accessory, coming in a range of colours, flavours and sizes to suit any personality. These sought after nicotine curbing gadgets surround buyers in a flavourful cloud of fog: E-cigarettes.

 The devices are on the rise in the UK according to the latest research by Imperial College London with the number of people having tried e-cigarettes rising from 8.9 to 15.5 percent. Over 53,000 people from twenty-seven EU states participated in the survey with around 1,000 people from each country voicing their opinions on the device

Numbers had also risen for people who had never smoked but had tried e-cigarettes over the two years, and living in a city and being more highly educated were additional factors likely to increase the chances for trying the device.

Surprisingly, despite the rise in statistics, the percentage of people across Europe who considered the e-cigarettes dangerous had risen from 27 percent to 51 percent.


What do you think? Will Instant Noodle companies look to reduce their salt and sugar content? Can BDA save NHS Bursaries for future student dentists? And what are your thoughts and opinions on the rise of E-Cigarettes?

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