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BDA attacks freeze on FD trainers' pay

14 August 2017

BDA attacks freeze on FD trainers' pay

The BDA has expressed its concern that the freeze on service costs to Foundation Dentists' educational supervisors has continued once again.

There is growing evidence of recruitment problems for these FD trainers.

The news comes as the government has confirmed imposed uplifts for GDPs of 1.14% including expenses, and 1% pay for FDs. The BDA has consistently argued these derisory uplifts will continue to jeopardise the long term sustainability of NHS general dental practice.

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, the BDA's Chair of General Dental Practice said:

"Foundation training is a key part of ensuring the quality of NHS dentistry, and freezing these service cost payments, which cover the FD's nurse, surgery labs and materials, is an act of unnecessary self-harm. The sustainability of the dental workforce depends on these trainers, and government risks shutting down the pipeline in its search for savings.

"A major review of Foundation Training is starting in September and we will reach out to trainers to ensure their voices are heard."




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