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A fifth of us feel judged because our teeth aren’t straight

16 July 2015

A fifth of us feel judged because our teeth aren’t straight

A survey, commissioned by Align Technology, has found that 20% of adults in the UK feel judged because their teeth may be crooked, bucked or otherwise not straight. 6% of people who undergo orthodontic treatment do so to feel better about their self-image ahead of a milestone event such as a wedding, christening, birthday or even returning to dating after divorce, according to the survey.

It’s not only the bride and groom feeling nervous before a wedding, as 63% of those surveyed revealed that weddings were the event where concern for our appearance is most prevalent, as digital cameras capture every single last moment from the event.

Social media, of course, doesn’t help self-image issues when it comes to how we feel about our teeth as Twitter and Instagram can instantly immortalise a picture of you that you may not particularly like all that much.

The survey found that men are more likely to feel judged about the alignment of their teeth (23% of men, 17% women) with 33% of those in the youngest age group (18-24) feel most judged on the appearance of their teeth.

Align Technology believe it is little wonder that so many turn to products like their Invisalign, as a result of these fears. 

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