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3D printing creates prosthetic jaw for cancer patient

21 October 2014

3D printing creates prosthetic jaw for cancer patient

A cancer patient in Bangalore has received a prosthetic jaw made with a 3D printer.

According to, the patient was diagnosed with cancer of the palate (upper jaw) and lost a substantial portion of his palate after undergoing surgery. Radiation therapy also caused a medical condition known as trismus, leaving him unable to open his mouth wider than two centimetres.

Because of his inability to open his mouth wide, the doctors say it was impossible to take an impression of the patient’s mouth in order to create a prosthetic. However using a CT scan, the team was able to create a 3D printable model of the inside of the man’s mouth without the need for him to open it. 


Image: The 3D printed upper and lower jaws used to create the impression for the prosthetic

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