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Raising awareness

Raising awareness

Oral cancer is a disease that is simply not going to go away and, as a dental professional, it makes sense to look out for the signs and symptoms and to raise awareness amongst your patients.

A thorough home hygiene care regime for patients' will not only lead to excellent oral health but patients will be more likely to notice the warning signs of mouth cancer.

The use of interdental aids can be a great tip for patients to keep their oral health in top condition. Using floss or interdental brushes to remove food particles and plaque is a good way to keep the teeth clean and the gingiva healthy and it promotes the attention to detail that is necessary to ensure patients spot any changes within the mouth.

Tandex is a manufacturer of interdental brushes, dental floss and tape, and toothpicks. The company has a long-standing history of creating specialised products for the dental industry, a range that reflects both tradition and development.

To discover the range for yourself, contact the friendly team at Tandex today.

For more information on Tandex’s range of products, visit or visit the facebook page:


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