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Practice makes perfect

Smileright™ has chosen Prestige Medical's Advance B Class Autoclave

Practice makes perfect

Prestige Medical is pleased to announce that Smileright™ has chosen their Advance B Class Autoclave to provide instrument sterilisation in the prestigious new Cardiff clinic opening on 4 February within Boots the Chemist on Queen Street.

Smileright™ clinics are expanding into central locations in Boots stores around the UK. Advance is already installed in Smileright™ clinics in Basingstoke, Cheltenham and the London Barbican.

Charles Quail of Smileright™ commented:  “We chose the Advance autoclave initially because, although compact, it has a higher capacity than many other autoclaves on the market – making it ideal for our busy clinics. Having the option of using vacuum or non-vacuum cycles on the one unit also gives us the flexibility we need.

We installed the first units in 2012 and have so been impressed with the quality of the equipment and the excellent service we have enjoyed from the team at Prestige Medical, that we didn’t hesitate to choose an Advance for our new, state of the art clinic.”

More information is available from Prestige Medical direct by calling 01254  844 103 or email to or check out our new website:

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