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Poligrip starter kit

Poligrip starter kit

Your partial denture patients are almost twice as likely to lose more teeth*

Wearing a partial denture almost doubles the patient’s risk of losing more teeth than non partial wearers.1

Tooth loss can have a profound effect on the lives of patients both physically and emotionally – 45% of patients experience difficulties accepting the loss of their teeth.2 As their trusted dental professional, your advice can have a huge impact on a patient’s wellbeing, whilst also helping them to avoid losing more teeth.

What’s more, as the population ages, and the chance of wearing a denture increases with age3, you will be seeing more denture patients on a day-to-day basis. Within the next 35 years, it is expected there will be 2 billion people aged 60+.4 Are you prepared for an increasing number of denture patients in your practice?

Support denture wearers to care for their denture and protect their oral health with the POLIGRIP® Partial Wearer Starter Kit. Designed specifically for new partial denture wearers, the kits contain a range of materials to help them through each step of the denture journey. 

Request your FREE kits now while stocks last at

You will receive:

  • ‘Preparing for your partial denture journey – a guide to starting life with partial dentures’ – advice and support for patients considering a denture or requiring tooth extraction
  • ‘A patient education tool’ – a flip chart designed to help you to explain the process to new denture patients, with helpful illustrations and graphs
  • Partial Wearer Starter Kits – these discreet wash bags each contain advice for the first few days with a new denture, denture bath and brush, product samples and a money off coupon

*than non partial denture wearers



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