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Plan for Digital Impressions with Plandent

Plan for Digital Impressions with Plandent

Call 0500 500 322 for further information

Be impressed with the revolutionary solution in digital impression taking - 3Shape TRIOS® from Plandent. No more mixing or mess with conventional impression materials and significantly fewer re-takes.

3Shape TRIOS® is a no-spray solution - spraying is technique demanding, can ruin scan accuracy, is uncomfortable for patients and prolongs chair-time therefore no-spray is the best option. 3Shape’s technology captures more than 3000 2D images per second - 100 times faster than conventional video cameras. There’s no need to hold the scanner at a specific distance or angle for focus, you can rest the scanner on the teeth for support as you scan which all provide ease of use.

View the digital impression being built during scanning and impress your patients whilst making your working life simpler.

Freecall Plandent on 0500 500 322 for further information.

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