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The innovation of Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste lies in the synergy of the combination of the two main ingredients which provide the united strengths of stannous fluoride’s antimicrobial properties and polyphosphate as a gentle cleaning agent to inhibit calculus and stains.

Oral-B also manufactures a range of electric toothbrushes and refill heads. Their flagship model, the Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide incorporates novel compliance-enhancing technology using a unique remote display and comes with a broad range of oscillating-rotating refill heads. Oral-B also have the TriZone power brush refill head which gives patients the opportunity to keep a manual feeling whilst taking advantage of the benefits afforded by power technology.

Dental professionals are also encouraged to visit Oral-B’s website,, designed to provide intuitive, easy access to a wealth of resources relevant to every aspect of UK dentistry. It is a complete on-line platform where dental professionals can find all the resources they need.

For further information please call, 07920 178179

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