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Optimum Disinfection from Plandent

Optimum Disinfection from Plandent

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Being compliant with HTM01-05 recommendations for surface disinfection is made easier with Optim Wipes from Plandent; these wipes combine cleaning and disinfection in one! Free from alcohol, unpleasant aldehydes, chlorines and ammonium compounds makes Optim Wipes a safer solution for your team and the environment.

Optim wipes are incredibly effective against viral, fungal and bacterial contamination and will not damage delicate surfaces due to the nature of the product, whilst offering an unsurpassed level of cleaning and disinfection for all of your surgery equipment and work surfaces.

These wipes are fast working and provide 99.999% effective at killing of micro-organisms when used according to instructions. Optim Wipes are proven in their capacity to destroy a broader spectrum of organisms up to 10 times faster than other commercially available wipes. Using high quality Kimberly Clark woven fabric, Optim Wipes are very tough. Optim wipes do not leave any lint residue and their superior design ensures that the wipe does not dry out during use. Wipe usage and wastage is kept to a minimum helping to save time and ultimately money for your practice.

For further information or to request your free full-colour comprehensive catalogue please contact Plandent on Freecall 0500 500 322


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