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Olympic gold medallist smiles with Invisalign at Awards

Olympic gold medallist smiles with Invisalign at Awards

No wonder Laura Trott, the Olympic cyclist was smiling when she was named Sportswoman of the Year award at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards on 2 June 2015.  It was for just such an occasion as this that she was motivated to have her teeth straightened.

Laura embarked on Invisalign treatment when she became conscious that when she was shown in close-up TV and in photographs on the winner’s podium her misaligned smile was zoomed-in on for all to see.    

Aware that her growing fame and the rise of social media would make her face ever more familiar, she looked for a treatment to straighten her teeth which was so discrete hardly anyone would notice and, more importantly, which would not impact on her racing, and came up with a viable solution in Invisalign.

Laura commented: “You can see my teeth in all the photos taken of me, especially the close ups where I am biting my medals!  So I am having Invisalign treatment because I am in the public eye and wanted to be able to smile with more confidence.  I also wanted something which did not affect my mouth when training and competing”. 

Invisalign is a contemporary tooth straightening system which works by repositioning teeth discretely, little by little, using a series of removable ‘aligners’ which are made from clear plastic rendering them virtually invisible.  These are custom made to move each individuals’ teeth and are changed every two weeks to encourage them to move towards their desired position.  

The double Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion added the Glamour Magazine award to her bulging trophy cabinet, capping an amazing year.   No wonder she is smiling with such confidence!

To follow Laura and Jason Kenny’s Invisalign journey:;;

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