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New 3w laser from Quicklase

New 3w laser from Quicklase

Quicklase have released the new 3w laser that is ideal as an introduction laser and priced at only £2,495 inc vat and delivery! The 3w laser would be used for day to day dentistry for basic procedures such as troughing for accurate impressions and gingival re-contouring for better fitting veneers and crowns, this is in addition to the standard procedures Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty and implant recovery.

Also available a 4w and 8w model as well as an 8w dual, which has an 810nm and 910nm wavelength.

In addition to soft tissue the Dentalase lasers are also used for teeth whitening and TMJ, at no extra cost the lasers come with therapy and whitening attachments. The dentalase lasers come with everything you need from patients marketing to online training.

Quicklase are the only British manufacturer of soft tissue lasers providing you local backup and support.  This also means that they can offer the Dentalase lasers at very competitive prices, making it affordable for your surgery to offer laser assisted dentistry and in turn making your surgery more profitable.

Quicklase have also released endo products, which include K-Files, hand files, gutta percha, rotary files and paper point. Visit our website for more information on our endo products.

Contact Quicklase if you want to know more about our new product releases by calling 01227 780009, visit our website for more information or follow us on Facebook at Quicklase Quickwhite or Twiter @QLQW.

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