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MAM Perfect reduces the risk of misaligned teeth

MAM Perfect reduces the risk of misaligned teeth

Research, presented at the IAPD Congress in Glasgow on 4th July 2015, confirms that the MAM Perfect soother supports healthy teeth and jaw development. This offers reassurance to healthcare professionals working with parents of babies and toddlers who are using a soother.

The randomized control study (Wagner Y, Heinrich-Weltzien R, Examining the effect of a special pacifier on the primary dentition) found that the MAM Perfect minimises the risk of malocclusions such as an increased overbite (overjet) as well as an open bite. It is the first scientific work to show the statistically significant benefits of using the MAM Perfect over conventional soothers.

In this longitudinal study 86 children, ranging from 16 to 24 months of age, were randomly assigned into three groups. At the beginning of the test phase group 1 switched from their previously used soothers to the MAM Perfect, which has a teat neck cross-section of approximately 2.78 millimetres and is considered the thinnest and most adaptable on the market[1]. The study concluded that, whilst weaning from a soother completely was best, switching to the MAM Perfect had less impact than continuing to use a conventional soother.

Weaning off a soother is often difficult. Many children use their thumb in place of a soother, and the resulting negative effects on the teeth and jaw have been clearly shown in numerous studies. Dr Wagner, who headed the clinical study at the Department of Preventive Dentistry and Paediatric Dentistry, Jena University Hospital, Germany, said:

“In this 12-month study use of the MAM Perfect resulted in statistically significant minimised risk of developing an open bite and increased overbite in children previously diagnosed with soother-associated teeth misalignments, compared to conventional or physiological soothers. As weaning completely from a soother can be a challenge, this study clearly points to an orthodontically proven alternative option for parents.”

Key facts:

  • Weaning off a soother is the best treatment option. However, it is also the most difficult one;
  • Use of the MAM Perfect minimizes the risk of malocclusions such as an increased overbite (overjet) as well as an open bite;
  • Switching from a conventional soother to the MAM Perfect could be a compromise. MAM Perfect could be an alternative to standard soothers, which exert more pressure on baby’s jaw.

Peter Röhrig, Founder of MAM, said: “All our products are designed by a team of medical experts to help make parenthood that little bit easier. This study clearly shows the differences of the MAM Perfect compared to conventional soothers available on the market. With this latest research as further proof, we hope healthcare professionals will feel confident they have the evidence of efficacy needed to support their recommendations to parents when it comes to reducing the risk of misaligned teeth.”

This latest research reconfirms existing independent studies and reports for the use of a thin neck soother to support the healthy development of teeth and jaws. A survey[2] of 220 leading dental experts from 18 countries showed that 95% believe the MAM Perfect likely helps reduce the risk of malocclusions such as an open bite.


[1] The Austrian Research Institute (OFI) and the Vienna Dental University Clinic. 37 models in three testing groups in comparison

[2] AAPD (American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry), in Chicago, May 2010 and EAPD (European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry), in Harrogate, June 2010

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