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IonoStar Molar

IonoStar Molar

IonoStar Molar is a newly developed glass ionomer restorative material which comes in the new VOCO application capsules. The material is applied without conditioner or adhesive and scores particularly highly thanks to its non-sticky consistency and perfect marginal adaptation. IonoStar Molar can be modelled immediately after insertion and cures within four minutes. Its lastingly high level of fluoride release counteracts postoperative sensitivity. In conjunction with Easy Glaze, the nano-filled protective coating for surface sealing, IonoStar Molar can be used to quickly and easily create restorations which are as aesthetic as they are durable.

Suitable for a variety of indications

IonoStar Molar is suitable for restorations of non-occlusion-bearing class I cavities, semi-permanent restorations of class I and II cavities, restorations of cervical lesions, class V cavities, treatment of root caries, restorations of class III cavities, restoration of deciduous teeth, for use as a base or liner and for core build-up as well as temporary restorations. This makes IonoStar Molar a versatile choice providing the required results for many indications, not least thanks to the handling advantages offered by VOCO’s new application capsule.

Manufacturer: VOCO GmbH, P.O. Box 767, 27457 Cuxhaven, Germany,

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